Ghost Blunders

Ghost Blunders is a 30 minute parody on all the ghost hunting and paranormal shows on television. If you ever watched them, you can see how funny they really are! Ghost Blunders takes individual characters from all these shows and combines them to show just how silly they are! Septic tank cleaners by day, these poor SAPS (Septic And Paranormal Services) search for ghosts and ghouls in the most unlikely places.

Ghost Blunders

Ghost Chicks

Ghost Chicks is a reality show that features an all female ghost hunting team lead by Psychic Medium, Amber Anderson. This is the only female ghost hunting team on TV. We also feature the only female African-American ghost hunter on TV. Join them as they investigate real haunted locations and uncover real ghosts.

Ghost Chicks Episode 1


Ghost Chicks Episode 2

Ghost Chicks Episode 3

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